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The Standard American Diet (SAD) Rant

The way people eat has drastically changed in the last 50 years.

We somehow transitioned away from healthy, home cooked meals to processed, fast-food convenience.

& let’s not forget about the ever changing fad diets that never last, constantly promising to return us back to the health we used to have.

Funny thing is, the secret has been in front of us all along, there’s just no profit in telling people to eat more vegetables and less potato chips. Drink more water and less coca cola. That’s too straight forward but I promise it’s a big part of the solution. & The Standard American Diet is a big part of the problem.

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& Along with this trend… the average american body type is no longer what it used to be.


Although some see it as a bit dramatic, it is real. & this body type is becoming the norm. The Standard American Diet (otherwise known as SAD) is changing us, as a society… and not for the better. The average american consumes processed, refined, GMO contaminated, pesticide covered, fat laden, nutritionally void food with every meal. With a complete lack of any fresh, whole food, plant based ingredient.

These horrid ingredients are not only found in drive-through fast-food-meals.

They are also found on the shelves of our supermarkets and inside our kitchen cupboards and freezers and refrigerators. & they’re not just in snack packs and candy any more… they’re in EVERYTHING. It’s cheaper to produce and keep on store shelves when its shelf stable…. but just because you can buy it at the ‘grocery’ store doesn’t mean it’s real food.

Most people these days have found it easier to prepare meals from a box than to make anything from scratch with fresh, healthy ingredients… & although it may save you a few minutes in the kitchen…. you won’t be able to live a long, HEALTHY, life for long before all of those chemical additives and artificial calories catch up to you and destroy your life.

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The biggest problem is…. It won’t kill you tomorrow.

So we’re less likely to avoid it if it’s not perceived as an immediate threat.

However, in my eyes, a slow deterioration in your health along with the need for costly prescription medication, time consuming doctors visits and hospitalizations as well as inability to enjoy all of the things you used to love … sounds like no way to live to me.

If you wonder why you’re tired every morning when you wake up. Why you need multiple cups of coffee, cans of soda, energy drinks, or electrolyte ‘chemically enhanced’ beverages to get you through the day. Why you’re always thirsty. & Why you’ve lost all of the endurance you used to have ‘back when you were younger’… Then you’re probably making excuses on a daily basis and convincing yourself that these things are necessary habits and that its normal to be overweight, undernourished, and tired all of the time.

It’s normal in our society to “take a pill for every ill”.  High Blood Pressure? take a blood pressure lowering medication. High Cholesterol? take a statin so that your blood work normalizes. Diabetes? Inject yourself with insulin 3 times a day, take pills and stick your finger with a needle to check your blood sugar. … & Surprisingly… most people would rather waste their time and money doing all of this, instead of eating well, exercising often and replacing soda with water.

The simple fix is right in front of us. We just need to change our approach as a society and before we know it an Apple will make more sense than a prescription pill does today. That being said… I dont support diets. I don’t support meal plans or juice fasts. & most importantly I don’t support restricting yourself.

I support lifestyle changes, motivation and a desire to help yourself. Once you set your mind to it, you’ll be amazed at how great you feel.

Here are a few easy steps and guidelines to help get you started…


Drink water. lots of it. EVERYDAY. 

most people are dehydrated. which leads to lack of energy, bad skin and hunger. which leads to overeating and no drive to exercise. Drink at least 64oz of water everyday.

Start by keeping track of how much water you drink by using the same water bottle throughout the day… consuming 64oz of water takes effort. So make room for it & put down that soda and gatorade.



Once you begin adding in more fresh fruits and vegetables, (organic whenever possible) you’ll make less room for the artificial ‘food stuff’. It’s really hard to over eat when you’re eating an apple with celery and almond butter. You get full before you can even try to eat too much. & this is because your body is responding to the food as nutrient dense material that is easy to digest and process through your digestive system.

Our bodies just don’t respond to over processed, preserved, enriched, chemically enhanced food like we’ve been told it does. & believe it or not… a “calorie is not a calorie” when its between an apple & a candy bar… your body knows the difference and will reward you for eating the apple.


Utilize your Super foods & Don’t forget to eat whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Plants have gained a bad rap of having little to no calories, rumor has it… you only eat salads when you’re on a diet. However there are so many plant sources rich in proteins, carbs and fats that it might truly surprise you once you start experimenting more with a whole food, plant based diet.

Nuts, Seeds, Avocados, Coconuts, grains and legumes are all very nutrient dense as well as containing a very high calorie content full of great fats and protein. Easily digested and turned into energy quicker than any animal protein (meat) source and with no artery clogging, heart damaging cholesterol, ever!

If you combine the right amount of these calorie dense foods with fruits and vegetables throughout the day, I guarantee you will be fuller longer and more satisfied than you ever thought possible.

Our digestive tract was built for these foods…. & as I keep saying over and over again…. if you’re consuming as many fruits and vegetables as they say we should…. you truly won’t have room for anything else & your cravings will go away before you realize it.

MOST IMPORTANTLY… If you’re a meat eater,

Know where your meat comes from before you eat it. & even more importantly, try to eat meat less. We really don’t need meat in our diet to survive, and there are so many other beneficial sources of protein out there. Consuming factory-farm raised, gmo grain and soy fed meat laced with antibiotics and hormones is so detrimental to our environment and our bodies. most animals are too fat to walk, suffering from heart disease and even cancer before they’re killed for meat production. & then placed on your dinner plate to ‘ENJOY’.

THINK ABOUT IT: They are raised on an un-natural diet of grain, used to fatten them up ‘quickly’…. So, if the animal is only eating a diet consisting of 100% grain (GMO corn & GMO soy) and our Standard American Diet mostly consists of animal products or processed/packaged corn & soy products… the mystery of the obesity epidemic seems suddenly SOLVED. Our corn & soy ‘old products’ are doing just what they were intended to do.

OPEN YOUR EYES… Corn & Soy isn’t just for fattening up the livestock any longer.


Here’s your take away:

Avoid processed, packaged foods. … Read the ingredient list  and know what you’re eating.

If it has more than 5 ingredients it probably isn’t real food anymore. & If you can’t pronounce it or it sounds more like a chemical than a food. It probably is.

Let’s go one step backwards on the image above and show evolution that there is still time to improve and change the mistakes we as a society have made & alter what is now known as the “Standard American Diet” into something good-for-us, good-for-the-environment and sustainable for health & wellness for generations to come!

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x, bri

“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, bit will interest his patients in the care of the human frame through proper diet and in teaching the cause & prevention of disease” – Thomas Edison

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