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The Summer Coconut Matcha Recipe – Light, Simple, Refreshing

It’s finally summer and the days are finally getting hot over here in Southern California – which means, I’m getting outside more & more … whenever I can. (*cue two nursing jobs, our podcast and my passion for sharing daily healthy habits with you on insta.)

You’re going to love this recipe.

I have been craving a lighter, simpler, ICED matcha – over my original hot recipe that I’ve been drinking all year. So – after a little trial and error in the kitchen I think I’ve come up with the perfect blend. It’s slightly sweet & a perfectly satisfying way to start the day!

I used ONLY 2 ingredients (ok, 3 …. but only if you want added fat, for sustainable energy).

It’s So simple.

& I can’t wait for you to try this refreshing, iced – coconut water – matcha blend!

Scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to bypass all the info about the health benefits of this recipe & the products I choose to use – & get right to the recipe!

or…. keep reading & educate yourself.

Knowing WHY I’m eating the things I’m eating is the easiest way for me to make healthier habits stick .

I hope I can do the same for you:)

One of the questions I get asked most often – What is Matcha & What does it taste like?

  • MATCHA is a more concentrated version of green tea – so to me, it tastes like a powerful cup of unsweetened green tea. It’s best when sourced from Japan, and is created by grinding down the tea leaves into a powder form so that you can ingest the whole tea leaf (once combined with liquid).
  • You’ll absorb more beneficial antioxidants and polyphenols from consuming matcha tea powder – compared to soaking a tea bag and removing the leaves as we traditionally do. That being said – It’s also higher in caffeine than your traditional green tea too.

iced matcha recipe - coconut water - beachlifeorganic

Next, – which Matcha do you use?

  • Honest disclaimer – as a blogger, I’m lucky enough to sample a lot of products from a lot of companies for FREE. This allows me to have conversations with the companies about the quality of their ingredients as well as giving me the opportunity to truly decide which products I like (& dislike.)
  • I only share products with you that I trust and personally use myself. & I have not been paid by any one to write this post or recipe, but I have received matcha as a gift because I’m constantly talking about how much I love it.
  • The links provided below are affiliate links & I receive a small commission for each sale that I refer. I use a-lot of my free time to create posts and recipes for you, this is just a small way for me to earn a very small source of income in return.  I will always be upfront with you if a post is sponsored, this one is NOT.


My go to matcha this year has been the Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen Blend.

  • One scoop provides: 50mg caffeine from high quality Japanese Matcha, antioxidants, polyphenols and 20mg of L-Theanine – an incredible amino acid that is said to be the reason why matcha is known for creating a more “relaxed and calm alertness” compared to the caffeine jitters you’d get from a typical cup of coffee.
  • Matcha is a great alternative to coffee for people who suffer from anxiety for this reason, I highly recommend stepping away from your daily cup of coffee for a while if you’re feeling anxious during the day or having trouble sleeping at night. (It’s worth a try.)
  • You can also find Vital Proteins products on Amazon now – as well as on the shelves at some Whole Foods & Target stores. (I love seeing small companies grow! keep in mind – We vote with our dollar with every purchase we make.)
  • In combination with the matcha – Vital Proteins has included 9g of protein by blending matcha with their collagen peptides.
    • This provides you with a full amino acid profile of clean protein that has been shown to provide benefit in healing our digestive tracts and promoting healthy hair, skin and nails. I’ve been using collagen for two years now and I absolutely love incorporating it into my daily routine.
    • PLUS – when blended, it makes everything extra frothy/creamy. You guys are always asking how I get that froth – collagen is for sure the secret ingredient every time.

vital proteins matcha recipe



& If you don’t like collagen, or if you’re vegan and need a different option…

  • I can’t recommend Navitas Organic Matcha enough. (Just FYI – without the collagen, your iced matcha won’t be as creamy & frothy as the recipe appears.) But their matcha is certified organic and also sourced directly from Japan.

Lastly, The Secret Ingredient – Why Coconut Water?

  • I’m obsessed with coconut everything for one. I’m convinced I was supposed to live on an island and survive on coconuts. i think I’d do just fine with that 🙂
  • No, but seriously – its perfectly sweet and a great source of electrolytes (naturally)
  • In this recipe – I only use half of a cup. Which equates to about 6 grams of sugar that I’m totally ok with.
  • Quality matters – the only coconut water I buy is Harmless Harvest. Its now available at costco and is the best tasting “packaged” coconut water I’ve ever tried.
  • It’s organic. Fair Trade Certified. Antioxidant rich & never heated (which means the nutrients are still intact.)



& Here’s how I’m making it this summer.

Let’s call it –

The Summer Coconut Matcha Recipe.

2 ingredients. Coconut Water & Matcha.

+ add MCT oil (from coconuts) for added beneficial “healthy fats” & sustained energy.

….. exact portions I use listed below:


beachlifeorganic coconut matcha vital proteins harmless harvest


Print Recipe
Summer Coconut Matcha
simple, light, refreshing & perfect to pour over ice. This matcha recipe is lightly sweet & powerfully healthy - the greatest way to start your day!
iced matcha recipe beachlifeorganic
Prep Time 1 minute
Prep Time 1 minute
iced matcha recipe beachlifeorganic
  1. Add all ingredients to blender & blend for 10 seconds.
  2. Pour over Ice & Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

For added healthy fat & more sustained energy - I recommend adding 1tsp MCT oil (liquified, concentrated coconut oil) to your blend. This will provide you with a great source of medium chain triglycerides for fat metabolism and sustained energy to start your day.

I use MCT oil for cold/room temperatures drink as Coconut Butter or Coconut Oil won't blend in as smoothly - but they'd still make a great "healthy fat" addition if it's all you have on hand.

Coconut Water: My favorite brand is Harmless Harvest - available at most health food stores and Costco in the refrigerated section. Organic, never heated, fair trade certified, and the best tasting brand I've tried.

Matcha: Vital Proteins Collagen Matcha or Navitas Organics Matcha

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iced matcha recipe beachlifeorganic

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Be sure to tag me @beachlifeorganic when you’ve tried it & I’d love to here any questions or comments on the recipe in the comment section below! Looking forward to sharing this with you guys this summer!

As always, I truly thank YOU for your support.

This community means the world to me.


Clean, simple, nutritious food choices have the power to change our lives.

– One Day at a Time.

x, bri

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