Parents Outliving their Kids

Take 2 minutes out of your day to watch this shocking video… Jamie Oliver tests the waters with first graders by seeing how well they know their fruits and vegetables. Sadly, they don’t really know them at all.

Although this seems like a simple and somewhat irrelevant way to research this topic… read between the lines and truly think about what this means for the future of our food system and health as a society.

When’s the last time you ate something if you didn’t already know what it is? Most of our daily intake, food consumption and food choices stems from cravings and availability. How are these children supposed to crave or choose to eat fruits and vegetables when they’ve never been given a chance to taste them and decide for themselves if they like them?

It’s simple. If we’re not exposed to it or told to try it, we probably won’t. So, I challenge you today to try something new.. something delicious… something different… something good for you!

& whatever it is you discover… share with someone you know and let them try some too!

Encourage health and healthy food choices … & you’ll encourage a healthier society.


x, bri

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