Wondering where I’ve been lately?

Briana, founder of in Maui, Hawaii


For those of you that have reached out to me and have been worried about my absence, I greatly appreciate it and love that you’ve missed me.

We traveled to Hawaii in September and it helped me reset a few of my goals & reprioritize my time for what really matters.


Bri, founder of with her husband in Maui, Hawaii

I have something to admit though & I am so excited to share this with you:

I am no longer a sole blogger trying to spread the word about preventative health, organic food, and the importance of nutrition. I have joined forces with an entire team and am now fighting the good fight with like minded people right by my side!


Darin Olien, founder of


Partnering up with Darin and his team has changed my life. & Although I may not have been sharing as much of my own content recently, I plan to change that. Plus, If you need another place to find great healthy lifestyle motivation, I recommend checking out his site and making it one of your daily reads!

I am now working towards the greater goal that I had set for myself along time ago when I started on this blogging journey of mine. Plus, now I get to do it alongside  the wonderful people of the SuperLife team. We’re so incredibly busy, always creating amazing content together for you on the website as well as working towards so many other fun, exciting and promising projects …


(that I can’t quite disclose just yet!)


So, long story short. I’m doing well.

Bri, founder of with her husband in Maui, Hawaii

I’m doing so well that I can’t wait to share all of the content with you that I’ve been apart of creating lately. Read my favorite posts I helped research, write and create below:


  1. 6 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE BUYING ORGANIC: When you hold up an organic cucumber, you may ask, “Why buy organic? The conventional cucumber is cheaper, so why can’t I just buy that?”A visual inspection doesn’t reveal many differences, but there are huge differences — and they have a direct impact on your health and the planet.Here are 6 big reasons why you should buy organic whenever you can: READ MORE: HERE
  2. IMMUNITY-BOOSTING, NATURAL FLU SHOT RECIPE: A great antibiotic, antiviral shot you can make right in your own kitchen. It just uses simple, whole food ingredients, but they combine to create an anti-flu and cold “bomb” against any viruses or bacteria…. READ MORE: HERE
  3. SCARY FOOD FACTS:  Food, quite simply, can be medicine or poison. What’s really scary are all the ingredients running around dressed up like “food.”Walk the aisles of your supermarket, stop in a fast-food restaurant, or grab a soda from a  vending machine and you’ll find cleverly costumed “foods” laced with harmful substances—added sugars, preservatives, additives, chemical dyes, weird coatings, and flavorings. It is still called food, but it’s absolutely unnecessary for your body — even deadly.That’s why we’re sharing the following scary food facts you absolutely should know… READ MORE: HERE
  4. WHY YOU NEED TO RETHINK GETTING THE FLU SHOT: Avoiding the flu during flu season sometimes seems “easier said than done” but I’m here to tell you that it is possible to stay HEALTHY all year long as long as you truly take the right steps to support yourself during the holiday cold and flu season. My approach … READ MORE: HERE
  5. TOP 5 TIPS FOR STAYING HEALTHY DURING THE FLU SEASONHere are the five healthiest habits you need to maintain to naturally boost your defenses. They have a much higher success rate than a marginally effective flu shot, which is why I don’t recommend … READ MORE: HERE

Update as of October 2017 –

I no longer work for Darin Olien or – due to unexpected changes, the team was dissolved. That being said, it was a great experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.


& as always, thank you so much for all of your ongoing support. I love sharing what I learn with you and absolutely adore hearing from you when you have implemented something as part of your lifestyle to make it just a little bit healthier.

We are all in this together after all.


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