Kitchen Investigations

When I first started this journey of realizing the quality of our food and the nutritionally void, chemically laden, pesticide covered products that are being sold to us in supermarkets and grocery stores in America, the first thing I did was go into my Kitchen cupboards and start turning around the packages of my favorite foods and reading labels. It’s a daunting task. It’s frustrating and so annoying. But…. If you want to start living a healthier, cleaner, organic, whole-food lifestyle it really is what needs to be done. You’ll find that your favorite foods aren’t so enticing or even appealing once you’ve actually seen whats in it.

We get into the habit of buying our same ‘favorite’ foods over and over again and forgetting that they ever had a nutrition label or ingredient list. This information is there, right in front of our eyes, yet we seem so inclined to ignore it. & that is exactly what the food industry is hoping for.

I began reading labels on everything and I was shocked to find so many chemicals and long long lists of ingredients on just one bag or box of ‘food’ that I couldn’t even begin to pronounce. How can we call this ‘food’? How can we assume that something is ‘healthy’ when it includes 20 or more unpronounceable chemically processed, made in a lab ingredients.

Here’s one simple rule. This is what I live by now. If you can’t pronounce it, your body probably can’t digest it properly or recognize it as food either. Because it isn’t food. This is where cancer causing ‘carcinogenic’ ingredients come into play. The FDA today is so understaffed and under-regulated, you can’t just assume that because it’s in your food that it has been deemed safe for consumption. ‘Safe’ is a broad term. Because if you are eating the same chemically ‘enhanced’ food over and over on a day-to-day basis. Whose to say that, that ‘one serving size’ dose of that ‘safe’ chemical is not adding up in your body, your digestive tract, yours organs and your tissues and storing it self in dangerous ‘toxic’ levels that are no longer ‘safe’.

Whole foods should and will have only one ingredient. Processed foods (foods that come in a bag or a box) should have at the most 7, easy to pronounce, recognizable, non-chemical, ingredients. No need to buy low-fat, high-in-fiber, sugar-free, enriched foods. This is where the chemical ‘food’ labs profit. You don’t need all of these marketing strategies. If you’re eating a whole-food well-rounded diet, you will get everything you need and more from your whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. ***SHOCKING FACT: fruits & vegetables are NATURALLY… low-fat, high-fiber, no-sugar-added, and vitamin and mineral enriched.

Read your labels! Know what you’re putting into your body & slowly start throwing away the bags, cans and boxes with ingredient lists to long to read. You’ll feel so much better instantly, and the snacks you do keep, your body will thank you for!


x, bri

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