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Green Chef Review – Organic Meals Simplified

The Green Chef Review you’ve been looking for – that will get you 4 meals FREE with your first order.


& I can only hope you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have after seeing what they have to offer!


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Meal Planning is sometimes easier said than done, & let’s be real… planning out an entire Menu for the week wasn’t something most of us learned how to do in school (or in life for that matter).

That’s why I turned to Green Chef for a little inspiration in the kitchen.

Do you feel like you’re ‘stuck in a rut’ and need a little pep in your step when it comes to meals you’re cooking for the week?


It’s easy to get stuck in routine. It happens to me all of the time.

… pasta night, stir fry night, leftovers, sandwiches, frozen meals ((& too much pizza))… we’ve all been there.

Green Chef will help you switch it up and get you cooking REAL FOOD again. Plus, their organic ingredients are everything you’ve been looking for but just didn’t know where to start.

Meal Planning made easy - see the Green Chef Review on

 Week 1:

Green Chef shipped all of the ingredients 2 weeks after my first order for 3 very filling meals in 1 large environmentally friendly box. They only pack with materials that are compostable & 100% recyclable in order to keep my food fresh and perfectly refrigerated.

They even have a botanist on staff who strategically packs each box in a specific order to ensure that the right ingredients are side by side to ensure your produce and ingredients arrive in perfect condition. They have seriously thought of everything & this Green Chef Review is everything you’ve been looking for.

All you need is a great chef’s Knife & a mail man. ok maybe an oven and some pots & pans… other than that, Green Chef has it covered!

Fresh Organic Produce & Meal plans delivered straight to your door - GreenChef Review - via


All of the Ingredients I needed for the week arrived all at the same time in one very convenient package at my front door & I didn’t have to waste anytime running to the store at the last minute for any mistakenly forgotten ingredients as per the usual week night meal struggle.


Organic Ingredients, Organic Meals. - GreenChef Review via


Perfectly Portioned out items are ‘color-coordinated’ per recipe so you know exactly which ingredients you need depending on what meal you make first! How easy is that? Seriously brainless, no planning or shopping list necessary… Just Unpack, & get cooking!

& see those little jars… they’re filled with some of the stuff that takes the most time preparing… Green Chef thought about everything… No time wasted mincing, chopping, or stewing your ‘roasted tomatoes’ or blending your ‘tzatziki sauce’ … they already did it all for you. & If you fall in love with one of their sauces you can find the recipe for it online that week in the Menu section.

BONUS POINTS: did I mention Green Chef only uses Organic, Non-GMO, locally sourced, family-farm ingredients? This is everything I could have ever dreamed of and more.


Organic Ingredients from Green Chef - check out the Review on


Competing meal planning services don’t even come close to the high-quality ingredients provided by Green Chef. Plus, as far as I know, they’re the only ‘organic’ meal planning and delivery service available right now & I am so happy that I get to partner with them to promote such an amazing service that encompasses everything I believe in most:

Organic Meals to make everyone’s lives just a little bit easier and absolutely healthier.


& if you’re looking to ditch your plastic cutting board for a healthier, more sustainable Organic Bamboo cutting board like mine, (featured above) – you can find it here on Amazon today.



DISCLAIMER: I chose the ‘Vegetarian’ option as I don’t like eating meat more than once or twice a week and I figured I could always add in a little extra protein if I happened to be craving it that night, but it was totally unnecessary as the Vegetarian meals are so perfectly thought out and satisfying that anything extra was never a thought in my mind.


Green Chef offers a wide variety of options to meet your needs, & the following services are available to meet any & all of your specific needs:




Here’s what was in my box:



Pasta Like You've never had before - see the GreenChef Review on


Pasta like I’ve never had before. I’m talking toasted capellini, fried egg, roasted eggplant and the most delicious Cumin Herb Pesto I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting before.

& all I had to do was chop up some veggies, & roast the eggplant while the pasta cooked. They seriously make the recipes fool proof.



BBQ Dinner from Green Chef - Get 4 Meals FREE via

One of the Best BBQ dishes I’ve ever made at home. Green Chef’s Molasses BBQ sauce is enough reason to crave this meal again. & plus there was plenty of Garlic-Chive mashed potatoes to go around for seconds.

I love how they pair a hearty dish with a unique and flavorful organic salad to really round out every meal, providing you with more veggies and salad ideas than you could ever come up with on your own. Their homemade salad-dressings are excellent by the way. Might have to beg them for the recipe later.



This one was by far my favorite – because I learned how to make 3 new things!

All in one meal I learned how to make homemade falafel sliders, sweet pickled onions & carrot french fries and I did it all in under 30 minutes!

Greek has never tasted so Good - check out the GreenChef Review on


Homemade Falafel is seriously AMAZING. & SO EASY! I love how Green Chef not only gives me inspiration by providing me with new recipes, but I also get to learn how to cook new things as I go and who can complain about taking free cooking classes in their own kitchen?

All of the directions for each recipe are step by step with pictures included so you really can’t mess it up. Check out these Falafel sliders before I cooked them to a perfect crisp (crunchy on the outside – perfectly soft on the inside) …. I’m seriously Proud!


Homemade Falafel - seriously easy thanks to GreenChef via

Have I convinced you to try Green Chef yet?


CLICK HERE: Order GreenChef via BeachLifeOrganic today & receive your first 4 meals FREE!


Are you already using a meal planning service similar to Green Chef?

I’ve heard from other people that are using competing services that the veggies are never as fresh and the recipes are never as easy to follow and cook as they are with GreenChef. No commitment necessary, you can always cancel if you don’t agree… but who would want to pass up 4 organic home cooked meals for FREE!?! click here: to claim yours now. 

Organically Yours.



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Get 4 Meals FREE from Green Chef via



The first and only USDA-certified organic meal kit delivery service. Green Chef offers weekly deliveries with all the essentials for three nourishing dinners: organic, pre-measured ingredients and healthy, chef-crafted recipes. They take care of the research, planning, shopping, and a whole lot of prep (including complex sauces), so an incredible dinner is ready in 20-35 minutes. Their menus cater to a range of dietary preferences, including Paleo and gluten-free.
Each well-balanced dish typically contains 450-750 calories per serving & They vet all suppliers for sustainable, ethical practices to ensure the highest quality, GMO-free ingredients in each meal. Approximately 95% of all ingredients are organic, and each & every one can be tracked from supplier to table.


Try your first 4 meals from Green Chef for FREE today!

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