Critical Conversations Podcast

Hello FRIENDS, I’ve missed you.

I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes on a NEW and exciting project with one of my close friends – Laura.

We launched a PODCAST.

Laura and I connected on instagram last year over our obsession for preventative health, real food, and getting that message out into the world the best way we know how. She’s a nurse too – and we have so much in common from our professional lives to our personal lives, we truly vibe really well together – and we could talk about preventative health nonstop if life didn’t get in the way. We’re both still working at the bedside taking care of patients, inspiring our tribe daily on our instagram accounts and now we’re also focused in on recording podcasts – WEEKLY – at least that’s the goal for now.

You can learn more about Laura on her website and her Instagram page @fitasgluck

I’ve been an avid podcast listener for the past few years – and I hope you are too. It’s a great way to stay up to date with the latest information – no matter what you’re interested in – there is most like a podcast out there that you’d love. Some of my favorites are Bulletproof Radio, Mindbodygreen, Wanderlust Speakeasy, Rich Roll, & IGNTD

Our Podcast is called:


Critical Conversations Podcast

You can search for it in the iTunes Podcast App¬†under critical conversations – it’s also available to listen online if you go to – we’re working on our availability on a wide variety of platforms – so if you have a preference on how you listen to podcasts (spotify, google play, android app, etc … message me and let me know! & we promise to make it happen for you!)


because we’re both critical care nurses who have become frustrated by the healthcare system and the lack of education around preventative health measures. We want to be the voices that keep you from getting sick by sharing actionable and obtainable lifestyle habits and choices that can make a difference in your longterm health – starting TODAY.

I was beginning to realize that blogging on this website was not able to reach people as easily as I had hoped. Let’s be real – reading a blog takes time. You can’t really multi task while doing it …. & we all know we need to make more time to take care of ourselves – SO I DON’T WANT TO OVERWHELM YOU WITH INFORMATION HERE unless it’s truly important.

Listening to podcasts can be effortless and it totally saves time too – my favorite thing to do while driving to work or traveling or cooking in the kitchen is to turn on a podcast and pretend like I’m part of the conversation while listening in on information that truly inspires me.

We hope our critical conversations podcast will be the same go-to activity for you as other podcasts are for us.

Each episode will cover a different topic – and we will be sure to expand on topics as the requests roll in. So, in the meantime – checkout the first few epsiodes we released on March 5th, 2018.

Be sure to subscribe if you’re listening on the iTunes App and write a review if you have the time. Ratings & Reviews allow us to grow – which will make it easier for new listeners to discover us too.

Thank you so much for your support – as always – cant wait to hear what you think!


Here are the first two episodes …


EPISODE 1: Introducing the Critical Conversations Podcast & Hosts

Episode 2: Preventative Health Simplified

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