About Me

My name is Briana Reesing, I’m the Host of The Critical Conversations Podcast and the face behind – @beachlifebri.

I’m on a mission to inspire others to take care of themselves, before it’s too late because of my career as an Emergency Room Nurse. You could say it inspired me to look deeper into the world of preventative health because of the things I’ve seen and the patients I’ve taken care of over the years.

My blog posts will vary, but I plan to share insight into all things wellness within reach, organic food (& my thoughts on GMO’s), simple lifestyle hacks, easy (delicious) recipes, cleaner home and beauty products, as well as discussing the shortcomings of our traditional western healthcare system – which I’ve experienced first hand in my career as well as within my personal health story.

My whole approach with this site is to help you prevent and/or reverse the multitude of issues we now know to be caused by the standard american diet & lifestyle. It’s truly all in your power, with the right adjustments.

I dive deeper into this with various episodes of the Critical Conversations Podcast. Subscribe to listen weekly on iTunes or Spotify & learn more about why I’m so passionate about all of this. These conversations are truly incredible – some people might even say “life changing” 🙂

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In my opinion – Your health and happiness is truly in your hands. It all begins with the food you eat, the people you hang out with & the lifestyle you choose to live. Let’s figure it out together.

x, bri

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