5-Steps to Detox Chemicals out of your Life TODAY!

Chemicals aren’t only hiding in our food.

Think – cleaning products, soaps, detergents, makeups, perfumes, lotions, sunscreens, air fresheners, scented candles, deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, body washes … I think you get the point.

Chemicals are everywhere and it’s not necessarily each individual product that’s the problem – it’s the cummulative effect of all of the chemical ingredients in ALL of the products your using.

They build up on a daily basis – over time – that’s what we should be truly worried about.


See the screenshot below captured from EWG’s website regarding Cosmetic Safety in the United States regarding chemicals found in our daily products and household.

ewe facts - chemicals

& because I am not a millionaire and I do not have any political power or pull to make any changes IMMEDIATELY within this toxic, chemically laden system, I came to terms with the fact that the process was going to be frustratingly painful, but it was necessary for me to rid my home, cabinets and shelves of all of the commercial, toxic products I had collected over the years.

The hardest part for me was deciding whether or not to continue using what at the time were considered my “favorite products” until the bottle was empty… Or waste money throwing them out at the benefit of avoiding putting the chemicals on my skin even for one more day.

So, I decided I would do both.

I quickly got rid of all of the toxic cleaning products and chemical ingredients in my home and overtime got rid of my shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, face creams and makeup as I tried new things and found even better, cleaner, purer, more effective, natural products on the market.

Problem is, most of these products can not be found in your average stores and my favorite deodorant is still only found online & all though it might be inconvenient, these are the compromises you must make if you are going to begin to detox your home and body from all of the chemicals that have been blindly added to the products we use daily.


There are way too many chemicals on the market today for the FDA to monitor closely, if at all. but most importantly, even the chemicals that are tested and “generally regarded as safe” are not tested in combination with the other chemicals that you may be using.

For example, if your shampoo has CHEMICAL A, D & E… and your body wash has toxic CHEMICAL B, C & X, and your face wash has toxic CHEMICAL L,M, & S and your body lotion has toxic CHEMICAL F,G & T, and your perfume has toxic CHEMICAL X,Y &Z…. you have now combined 15 different chemicals on your body and inhaled into your respiratory system without knowing if any of them safely interact with one another. Most likely, the combination is 15x more toxic than just one chemical alone. & that’s a major underestimate considering one bottle of shampoo has 20 ingredients on average, sometimes even more, & mostly chemical, artificial and toxic additives left untested and unmonitored by the FDA.  The companies know this, so they can get away with adding just about anything to your products.

Cancer rates increase every year. & So does the amount of chemicals we use everyday.


Read the labels on your products, if you can’t read them because the font is too small or the words are too complicated… You should most likely get rid of them. If you don’t believe me, use this amazing database created by EWG to search for the combined toxicity level of each individual product that you are using. This was a huge eye opener for me.

Goal is to use products that rank on the EWG scale from 0-2, anything higher than a 2 is considered carcinogenic and possibly harmful to your health when used short term and even more so if you use this product everyday.

Here’s the Link HERE:


& you can do the same for your household cleaning products, laundry detergents and soaps using this link BELOW:


Trust me, this process is frustrating once you start realizing how blind you have been regarding the products you purchase and bring into your home. Avoid green washing techniques on products using catch-phrases such as “ALL NATURAL”, “”NON-TOXIC”, “BIODEGRADABLE” or “Sulfate and Paraben Free” … Just because they removed one particular chemical… doesn’t mean they did anything to clean up the rest of their ingredients.


The most powerful thing in America is the dollar. What we buy, we create demand for and production increases. & it works both ways. If we stop buying certain products, the companies notice and they begin to ask themselves why. Ingredients will start to change when we change the products that we choose to buy. I have already seen a huge difference over the last 2 years…. but there is still so much left to be done! Every single dollar you spend is your vote.

Make your Vote count.


Once you start, you’ll realize how much there is to change and it can be very overwhelming. But trust me, its worth it! For your health and the health of your family and your home… get started with these 5 simple steps and the rest will fall in to place.

1. unplug your air fresheners, reed diffusers, and blow out your candles. 

Open your windows to let fresh air in daily and address the root cause of the problem. A lot of times you become so sensitive to these commercial air fresheners that you become tolerant to them and use them more often, not realizing how many chemicals and toxins are floating in the air that you’re breathing in. In turn you develop headaches, sinus congestion, allergies and general mental fogginess and you can’t figure out why. Most air fresheners receive an rating on EWG’s website due to the abundance of carcinogenic ingredients. Once you stop using them, you’ll save a bunch of money and realize how unnecessary they were in the first place.

2. Throw away your Deodorant NOW!… & buy one without aluminum

This might sound very hippy-ish of me, but trust me… I won’t leave you stinky either. Most commercial deodorants contain aluminum, an added ingredient for the sole purpose to keep you dry. Aluminum clogs your pores, absorbs into your skin, circulates through your lymph system and has been linked to one of the major causes of breast cancer among men and women. Yes, men get breast cancer too. Plus, it is documented as one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s as well.

There are many natural deodorant options out there, & not all of them work. So it wasn’t the easiest product to give up but I was no longer willing to use aluminum on my body any longer so I struggled through this process for a few months before I discovered something that actually works.

PRIMAL PIT PASTE! (<click on this link to get 15% off your first purchase today!)

I discovered Primal Pit Paste 2 years ago and have used it ever since. It’s made with simple organic ingredients… so simple in fact that I could make it in my kitchen if I chose to. It works! Try it or anything else on the market, just know what ingredients are in it first and avoid anything with aluminum. ALWAYS.

3. Stop buying makeup remover & lotions.

Two Words : Coconut Oil. That’s all you need… and maybe a washcloth or a kleenex to wipe away all of that eye makeup. Cheap, natural, effective… one ingredient… and it leaves the skin around super soft and it won’t irritate your eyes.

4. Stop drinking soda.

If you care about what goes onto your body, you should care what goes inside as well. All sodas are a sugary, chemical filled, carbonated syrup. Next chance you have… turn that can or bottle around and actually read the ingredients. “Diet” doesn’t mean it’s better for you…. it just means that the company fooled you once again and removed the sugar and then replaced it with additional chemical sweeteners and additives. Drink water, coffee, tea, fresh juice. Just please stop drinking Soda. There’s just no need for it, and your body doesn’t know how to process it either.

5. Clean your house.

Sounds simple, but this step is actually the hardest.

Stop cleaning with “chemicals” you’re only making your house and environment more toxic. Seek out purer products, and google all of the things you can do with baking soda and vinegar. its truly amazing. Ditch all of the artificially scented laundry detergents, fabric softeners and sprays. Utilize essential oils, orange and lemon peels and cinnamon sticks. You’ll breathe easier, your house will be cleaner and your environment will be toxin free.


Start replacing your products slowly as you run out – be more aware of what your purchasing and if the ingredients aren’t disclosed – the company isn’t proud of them either – so why should you be?