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One of the top questions I get when people learn that I use “non-toxic” products in my home and in my shower is “what do you use?” … “Where do you shop for non toxic products?” & “where can I get that?”

Here’s a list of my top recommendations – which I plan to build in to an easier ‘store’ for you soon.




The Allergy Solution by Dr. Leo Galland

FOOD: What the Heck Should I Eat by Dr. Mark Hyman

Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook by Holistic Chef Laura Lea Goldberg



You can get $20 off your first order using code:    beachlife20    This one is local to California – but their service area is expanding so I highly recommend you check them out. It’s online grocery shopping delivered straight to your door with incredible organic options and small local companies with great products you can’t find anywhere else (as well as all of your favorite bigger brands). Their online selection is full of everything you need to stock up.  PLUS – delivery is free and groceries arrive straight to your front door while you’re sleeping in a reusable cooler bag full of ice packs.

(Get a discount your first order, use code BRIA4872 )

I get organic, seasonal produce delivered straight to my door every other week but you can choose to do it as often as you’d like. No commitment, no membership fees and you can either let them surprise you with amazing seasonal items or you can pick exactly what goes into your box each week. I have a discount code that gives you a discount on your first box – BRIA4872 – you’ll get a discount code when you sign up too. & For every friend you refer they’ll credit your account with $25 towards your next order. Who doesn’t like FREE food!? …

get 15% off your first order by clicking on the link below or just click HERE. This service is absolutely AMAZING. It’s similar to shopping on Amazon but cheaper with a focus on only healthy, nontoxic products you would normally buy at the grocery store. The savings are unreal. & if you don’t save more than $60 over the course of a year. (I saved over $60 on my first order! & I continue to use it monthly to replenish my cleaning, pantry and bath staples)


I love GreenChef so much that I wrote an entire blogpost about why I love this organic meal delivery service here: I continue to get boxes full of fresh ingredients to make delicious, organic and easy weeknight meals without the hassle of finding a recipe or going grocery shopping for all of the ingredients. You only pay for the boxes you recieve. No membership fees, no cancellation charges and best of all you can schedule your deliveries to comes as often as you’d like. Once a week, Once a month or any frequency you choose. It’s definitely worth a try, PLUS you get 4 meals FREE when you sign-up using this link: 4 meals FREE

Get 4 Meals FREE at


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