Matcha Latte Recipe that everyone is loving

Upgraded Matcha Latte Recipe

If you’ve been following my instagram account recently…

You know i’m not lying when I say, this matcha latte has truly become a staple in my life.


I used to drink coffee almost everyday … just out of habit.

So, when I discovered matcha’s new and unique flavor and then learned how good it was for me – I was ready to switch it up.

I’ve tried a variety of recipes and ordered lattes at little cafes around california and none of them match up to the “upgraded” powerhouse blend I’ve created.

Plus, the amount of incredible ingredients in this blend can’t be beat. I’m talking loads of antioxidants from organic matcha green tea and healthy fats from organic coconut butter. My latte easily keeps me energized, full and ready to tackle the day.

Huge thanks to Navitas for sending me a sample of their new Organic Matcha to try.

They motivated me to switch up my daily coffee habit for a more vibrant and healthy upgraded matcha latte.  I swear, none of the other brands I’ve tried even compare to the incredible green color and delicious taste of their matcha. You can buy it on amazon HERE.

However, I must give fair warning for those of you who have never tried matcha before. The taste of matcha is not mild, and no, it doesn’t taste like coffee. hahaha yes, I’ve been asked that before. Some people describe it as “earthy”. To me, it’s delicious, but I’ve also spent the last few years adjusting and adapting to enjoying the true flavors of ‘real food”. I don’t like sweet things in the morning either.

So, If you’re used to using sweetener and artificial flavors (like vanilla or pumpkin spice) in your coffee –

I highly recommend that you add a little extra honey and a little less matcha the first few times you make this recipe, in order to adjust to the new flavors.

& Remember, Matcha Tea is so beneficial to our health and full of antioxidants because you are using the powder form (ground up version) of the WHOLE green tea leaf.

This method provides so many more benefits versus filtering the tea leaf like you do with a normal tea bag and hot water. In addition, the nutritional benefits and incredible flavor are totally worth stepping out of your comfort zone. I hope you’re here because you’re ready to give this smooth, creamy, and slightly sweet matcha latte recipe a try!

I’ve even added in a few additional superfoods with healing benefits – Don’t rush into it. I recommend you take it slow and add ingredients incrementally until you discover what combo works best for you!

Hope you enjoy this recipe, it’s truly one of my favorites! & I hope you have some fun with it!


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Upgraded Matcha Latte
Matcha Latte's in the morning have become my favorite part of the day. I've made this recipe over and over again experimenting with different ingredients so I truly hope you enjoy this upgraded adaptogenic satiating blend as much as I do. It's creamy, full of superfoods and will keep you full for hours. * I've included links to my favorite brands and products I use in the Notes below.
Matcha Latte Recipe that everyone is loving
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Matcha Latte Recipe that everyone is loving
  1. Simply combine hot but not boiling water with coconut butter and matcha powder in a blender adding any additional upgraded ingredients as listed.
  2. Blend & Serve.
Recipe Notes

Be careful when opening the blender as hot water may escape under pressure! Enjoy Hot or cold, sometimes I refrigerate the 2nd serving in a glass bottle & take it to work with me the next day or on-the-go!

Brands I Use & Recommend: Provided Links will take you to

Matcha – Navitas Organics

Coconut Butter – Artisana Organics

Local Wildflower Honey – Honey Pacifica

Maca - Navitas Organics

Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides – Vital Proteins

Ghee – 4th & Heart (Vanilla Bean)

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Seems like we have a lot in common if you made it this far!

Would love to hear from you & see your pictures of your very own upgraded matcha lattes!


x, bri

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