The Omnivores Dilemma

I couldn’t agree more. An excerpt from the book I am currently reading & inspired by… Just one of the many great insights and inspiration from … The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan. A great author with so much knowledge regarding our food quality and economy as well as insight into so much […]

Breakfast Toast to Start the Day

There are so many things you can do with toast, & so many toppings you can choose. However, if you do choose the more ordinary path of butter & honey, or peanut butter & jelly, or just a simple fruit spread … Please be sure to always choose simple, minimally processed wholesome […]

Seasonal Summer Salad

Nectarines and Avocados are finally in Season…. & not to mention there is Kale everywhere! So why not mix them all together and create a delicious Seasonal, Summer Salad? That’s exactly what i did… mixed everything together on a whim & the results were so great I made another one just so […]

Kitchen Investigations

Your average ‘whole wheat bread’ label vs. Ezekiel Whole Wheat Bread     When I first started this journey of realizing the quality of our food and the nutritionally void, chemically laden, pesticide covered products that are being sold to us in supermarkets and grocery stores in America, the first thing […]

Fill your plate with this Healthy Dinner Trio

  This combination of ingredients was so delicious and the flavors really tied in well together. As pictured above, this amazing dinner trio included my favorite kale salad with my 3 ingredient homemade dressing, roasted seasonal vegetables with toasted pecans and zesty lemon cranberry couscous to tie it all together. The […]

Peanut Kale Salad

Last night’s dinner was inspired by a craving for chinese food and I put a little spin of my own on the ingredients I had available. We enjoyed a Soba Noodle stir-fry (recipe to come) and a kale salad with a homemade peanut based salad dressing. The salad is incredibly simple […]

Breakfast Oats & Berries

First Bring the Following Ingredients to a Boil: (stirring frequently at a light boil for approximately 20 minutes until all water has absorbed)

Green Summer Juice

INSPIRED BY MY LEFTOVER FARMERS MARKET ITEMS I encourage you to experiment with different combinations, celery and cucumber make a great base and can be combine with leafy greens and citrus to sweeten it up! I recommend peeling all citrus (lemons, oranges, limes) as the peel can add a bitter flavor. Also, always […]