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The Summer Coconut Matcha Recipe – Light, Simple, Refreshing

It’s finally summer and the days are finally getting hot over here in Southern California – which means, I’m getting outside more & more … whenever I can. (*cue two nursing jobs, our podcast and my passion for sharing daily healthy habits with you on insta.) You’re going to love this […]

Critical Conversations Podcast

Hello FRIENDS, I’ve missed you. I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes on a NEW and exciting project with one of my close friends – Laura. We launched a PODCAST. Laura and I connected on instagram last year over our obsession for preventative health, real food, and getting that message out […]

Mindful Eating & The Life it has Given Me.

“Don’t forget to look back to see how far you’ve come” … I normally use this website of mine as a platform to share my thoughts about food and mindful eating and why I think it’s so important to care about what’s on your plate. But, lately I’ve felt like my […]

Trust The Timing of Your Life - Get Inspired at

Monday Motivation – Embrace Change

I’m trying something new here, and I’m mixing up the typical ingredients investigation in our food system and/or delicious recipe with some ‘Monday Motivation’ to help you conquer the week and stay motivated. Even though your not 5 years old anymore, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun. Don’t forget […]

5 Easy Healthy Habits that You Can Implement TODAY

All of the ‘Health Advice’ out there can be so confusing these days.  Every one is promoting ‘quick fixes’ and ‘magic diet pills’ and they even go as far to offer you a 30 day guarantee for your promised 10 lb weight-loss or you’ll get your money back when it fails. […]

The Standard American Diet -

The Standard American Diet (SAD) Rant

The way people eat has drastically changed in the last 50 years. We somehow transitioned away from healthy, home cooked meals to processed, fast-food convenience. & let’s not forget about the ever changing fad diets that never last, constantly promising to return us back to the health we used to have. Funny […]

New Year. New You. Make 2017 Your year to shine.

Start Fresh. Make your New Years Resolutions all about YOU

New Year. New You. Or so we always hope right? New Years Resolutions are upon us. Have you set your goals yet? Or are you already focused and in progress? This year, Start fresh & stick with it. MAKE 2017 YOUR YEAR TO SHINE. Make this New YEAR about you, go ahead… […]