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Brussels Sprouts - Roasted Fruit and Veggies Recipe on

Brussels Sprouts & Why you should learn to love them!

Brussels Sprouts are the new Hipster side dish. & without doubt have been gaining some popularity on restaurant menus over the past couple of years. & if you’ve been paying attention… you might realize that most of the time when you see brussels sprouts listed as a side dish on any […]

Rainbow Superfood Cabbage & Kale Salad

This amazing recipe gives all new meaning to the tag line …. “Eat The Rainbow” ….. Im not talking about little colorful pieces of candy either. I’m talking about this amazing bowl of goodness I like to call my “Rainbow Superfood Cabbage & Kale Salad” This raw kale salad is one […]

Citrus Sweet Salad Dressing - Homemade Recipe on

Citrus Sweet Salad Dressing

Print Recipe Citrus Sweet Salad Dressing – 3 ingredients & you’ll fall in love with this pure & simple homemade salad dressing. It’s one of my favorites & so versatile with so many salads but always goes especially well with kale! Course Lunch/Dinner Cuisine Salad Prep Time 2 minutes Cook […]

Rainbow Cabbage & Kale Salad

Print Recipe Rainbow Cabbage & Kale Salad – This raw salad is one of my best creations yet and it’s loaded with so many amazing good-for you ingredients that it can’t help but to be pretty too. We’re talking purple cabbage, beets, kale, cucumber, garbanzo beans… and not to mention […]

The Best Baby Arugula Salad -

The Best Baby Arugula Salad

I have created the’BEST’ Baby Arugula Salad with fresh homemade Croutons and a zesty-sweet vinaigrette salad dressing With this post, You get 3 recipes in one! If I’m going to be honest here, I love my veggies and am obsessed with a great homemade salad, but arugula has just never been one of my […]

The Best Baby Arugula Salad -

Sweet Mustard Vinaigrette

Print Recipe Sweet Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe – This salad dressing is going to become a staple in your salad routine. Sweet & Savory with a great combination of honey, mustard, garlic and vinegar. Don’t knock it till you try it! It goes so well with so many salads, Get Creative […]

The Best Baby Arugula Salad -

Homemade Croutons

Print Recipe Homemade Croutons – We’re talking Homemade Croutons! So delicious & easy and most importantly, no additional unnecessary preservatives, additives, MSG or GMO oils added like you’ll find in the store bought bags. All you need is some fresh bread, olive oil & your favorite spices! Get Creative & […]

Seasonal Summer Salad

Nectarines and Avocados are finally in Season…. & not to mention there is Kale everywhere! So why not mix them all together and create a delicious Seasonal, Summer Salad? That’s exactly what i did… mixed everything together on a whim & the results were so great I made another one just so […]