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Coconut Chia Seed Pudding Recipe & Ideas

2 Ingredients. It’s seriously too simple. You kind of have no excuse not to try it.  & As most of you know – this incredibly simple (& delicious) chia pudding is probably one of the things I eat most often at work & get asked almost everyday how I make it. Plus, […]

Pumpkin Pie Protein Bites - Gluten Free and only 6 ingredients ready in under 15 minutes.

Pumpkin Pie Protein Bites

‘Tis the season for pumpkin pie protein bites. that’s how the saying goes right!? & a whole lot of other delicious treats. Some healthier than others. So, If I told you I created something that tastes as good as pumpkin pie – without the crust – full of only clean, healthy […]

Matcha Latte Recipe that everyone is loving

Upgraded Matcha Latte Recipe

If you’ve been following my instagram account recently or you’ve joined in on my Matcha Demo’s at SHE DAY … You know i’m not lying when I say, this matcha latte has truly become a staple in my life. (Recipe Below)   I used to drink coffee almost everyday … just […]

Vanilla Pecan Hemp Milk - Get the Recipe on

Vanilla Pecan Nut Milk Recipe with a Superfood Boost

Making your own dairy-free Milk is easier than you might think & this amazing Nut Milk Recipe will change your morning routine for the better! Creating nut milk recipes has seriously become my ‘THING’ these days… I’ve made multiple combinations but this amazing combination of Vanilla Pecan Maple Hemp Milk is by […]

Simple Granola Ideas -

Granola in 10 minutes or less!

This AMAZINGly simple granola recipe will make your belly so happy… will make your house smell like fresh baked cookies & most importantly I hope it will inspire you to stop wasting your money on the expensive store bought granola ‘stuff’ because this recipe is just so EASY! Let’s be honest, granola […]

Avocado Toast & Chocolate Smoothie on

Avocado Toast Recipe

Boyd Gordon Womens Jerseys Print Recipe Avocado Toast – It doesn’t get much easier than this! Ditch your store bought cereals and switch up your breakfast routine with the new ‘breakfast of champions’ Avocado Toast! Course Breakfast Cuisine Toast Prep Time 1 minute Cook Time 1 minute Servings Ingredients 1/2 […]

Simple, Easy, No Mess - Cashew Milk on

Cashew Milk Recipe

Print Recipe Cashew Milk – Quick, Simple, NO MESS, Cashew Milk – Just add water, blend & ENJOY! No straining or 8 hour soaking times required. Best Milk alternative I’ve created and everyone that’s tried it loves it too! What are you waiting for? Go MILK your cashews! Course Breakfast […]

Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie -

Avocado Toast – The New ‘Breakfast of Champions’

Ditch your box of wheaties & all other processed cereals topped with hormones, antibiotics and sugar (a.k.a Cow’s milk… don’t get me started, I’ll save that rant for another day.)  & Instead….  make the switch to a better breakfast. Avocado Toast. It’s all the rage lately and totally worth the Hype. […]