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The Standard American Diet -

The Standard American Diet (SAD) Rant

The way people eat has drastically changed in the last 50 years. We somehow transitioned away from healthy, home cooked meals to processed, fast-food convenience. & let’s not forget about the ever changing fad diets that never last, constantly promising to return us back to the health we used to have. Funny […]

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Green Chef Review – Organic Meals Simplified

The Green Chef Review you’ve been looking for – that will get you 4 meals FREE with your first order.   & I can only hope you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have after seeing what they have to offer!   Meal Planning is sometimes easier said than done, […]

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing - - Ingredients Infographic -

The Memorial Day BBQ Belly Ache – Ingredients Breakdown

Do you know what Ingredients were in your food this weekend? & Yes, I purposely waited to write this post until the day after your Memorial Day BBQ’s and picnics in the park commenced. I didn’t want to ruin all the fun or have you hating me while you were there. […]

I’m on YouTube!

BeachLifeOrganic is on YouTube! Please subscribe to my channel by clicking: HERE! I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately when it comes to new blog posts and recipes (I’m truly sorry)… But I promise I haven’t given up on you! Most of my time these past few weeks has been directed […]

Cashew Milk: The How & Why to Make your Own

Are you frustrated with all of the milk-alternatives that you find in the store? Are you buying store bought almond milk, cashew milk or soy milk of some kind & haven’t gotten around to reading the ingredients label yet? I did, & realized the grocery store shelf doesn’t offer anything I’m willing […]

CookBook Inspiration

Everyone always Wendell Smallwood Womens Jerseys asks me what cookbooks I use & my answer is always the same. I have a handful of great cookbooks and blogs that I look to for inspiration but I never seem to follow the recipes too closely. & I encourage you to do the […]

Coconut Oil Investigated

The newest trend in health recently seems to be Coconuts – everyone is suddenly endorsing the use of coconut oil, coconut sugar and coconut flour. Why the sudden interest? Are coconuts worth our while or are they just another “health fad” ? -Just like all other health “trends” or “fads”, I […]

Kitchen Investigations

Your average ‘whole wheat bread’ label vs. Ezekiel Whole Wheat Bread     When I first started this journey of realizing the quality of our food and the nutritionally void, chemically laden, pesticide covered products that are being sold to us in supermarkets and grocery stores in America, the first thing […]