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This passion of mine has grown into something bigger than I could have ever imagined it to be. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you’ll stay.

Hi, I’m Briana Reesing, but you can call me Bri.

I’m an Emergency Room Nurse by career with a handful of letters and certifications behind my name. I’ve worked as a charge nurse, mobile intensive care nurse, and spend 3 days a week inside the ER surrounded by some of the sickest patients in America.

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Our society is sick. & There has to be something we can do about it – before it’s too late.

I have a goal & I hope my message spreads loud and clear:

Your health is in your hands.

& Every choice you make on a daily basis – from the food you eat to the ingredients in the products you purchase for your home – have an impact on your longterm health.

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As of March 2018 – I am now proud to announce I launched a podcast with one of my close friends (Laura Gluck), who just so happens to be a nurse on a mission like me, if you haven’t listened yet – I’m sure you’ll quickly see that her & I have alot in common. We’re so passionate about the power of preventative health & we’re using the podcasting platform to share our story – spread our message – and educate any one who is willing to listen to us using our background education and experience as critical care nurses to fuel our conversation each week.


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x, bri.


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BeachLifeOrganic began as a hobby of mine years ago when I needed an outlet to share all of the incredible information I was discovering, and uncovering about what our food was doing to our health.  I began preaching loudly to anyone who would listen “the Standard American Diet is killing us” “Read Your Labels” “Eat Organic” . But I quickly learned that that method wasn’t working, it was scaring people away, shutting people out, and it was blindly ignoring what I now like to call the bigger picture.

A little back story first … I grew up in Arizona where ‘healthy food’ was just something I had heard of – it wasn’t until I moved to California after college that the true health scene changed my life. I’m an ER Nurse by career, have been since 2011. I began researching healthy food and the ingredients we were eating in 2012, started writing about it in 2013 ever so occasionally and when I developed a rash all over my body in 2016 accompanied with terrible digestive issues and doctors that were baffled by my symptoms … I began truly analyzing the ‘healthy life’ I thought I was living. One year later (fast forward to 2017) and I’m symptom free.

It took 5 frustrating and useless doctors appointments, prescriptions that I never filled and one very grueling elimination diet to determine that all of my symptoms were connected to an underlying gluten allergy … I most likely suffered from my entire life. This year has been an incredible year and I can not wait to share what I’ve learned with you now that I truly understand the root cause of how detrimental food allergies and intolerances can truly be on our long term health.

It is an established fact that most health problems (Obesity, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & Diabetes) are all actually preventable and even reversible solely through changing the way we eat. There is no pill or procedure out there than can compete with or even come close to the life changing effects of a clean, healthy, whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. So, this website and my social media accounts became the perfect platforms to spread this message.

Fast Forward 4 years and so much has changed.

I’m still an ER nurse but my understanding of what true health is, has truly expanded. I now not only post about the importance of reading ingredients labels, buying organic, and staying hydrated – BeachLifeOrganic is now so much more comprehensive as my exposure in the health and wellness industry has grown. I now understand how interconnected all of the pieces are – you can eat all of the organic salads in the world and still be a nutrient deficient, stressed out, overweight alcoholic.

Catch my drift?

BeachLifeOrganic is NOT a diet… It’s a Lifestyle. Which means you have to take care of yourself first in order to achieve the health that you’re looking for – and this includes real food, clean water, exercise, stress relieving techniques such as yoga/meditation, a supportive community of friends and family as well as passions, hobbies or a career that makes you look forward to waking up every day.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out, email me or connect with me over on my Instagram @beachlifeorganic, as that’s where you’ll find me daily and I do instagram stories often to give you a sneek peak of my day, my thoughts, my advice.


I truly appreciate you and I can’t wait to stay connected with you along the way.

x, Bri


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